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Development History

2018 In 2018, the clean combustion technology that pioneered the use of biological clock waste in the industry not only saves energy and reduces consumption, but also helps local governments solve the problem of garbage disposal.
In 2018, the industry takes the lead in using boiler exhaust recovery technology to cool down production workshops and turn waste into treasures

2017 2017, the first high-efficiency and low-energy automatic molding machine came out.

2016 2016, the first fully automatic manipulator molding machine was invented successfully

2015 2015, the automatic Concentration control technology was applied in the pulping process.

2012 In 2012, Chinese first semi-automatic panel molding machine increased per capita production efficiency by more than 100%.

2008 In 2008, Chinese first "slurry discharge type" efficient semi-automatic molding machine, increased the production efficiency of single machine by more than 50 percent.

2003 2003, we made the first aluminum mold of paper pulp tableware industry in China

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