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What Are The Classifications Of Disposable Lunch Boxes?

Mar. 27, 2019

Here is 9 Inch Biodegradable Clamshell Manufacturer talking about What are the classifications of disposable lunch boxes. 

The disposable snack box has been turned from a foam lunch box to an environmentally friendly lunch box. The original foam lunch box has been eliminated due to its high-temperature resistance and the destruction of the environment. The plastic lunch box, paper lunch box, wooden lunch box, and Disposable 12.5 Inch Oval Plate are waiting for it. and many more. Among them, plastics have the characteristics of low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity, simple production, and low relative cost, thus becoming the mainstream material for manufacturing disposable snack boxes.

Ecofriendly Bagasse Pulp Tray

PP polypropylene, with mechanical properties and thermal properties, suitable for food packaging. The lunch boxes are divided into environmentally friendly lunch boxes, mainly plastic, paper, starch and rare metals.

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