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What Kind Of Cup Is Suitable For Use?

Jun. 18, 2019

Here is Unbleached Paper Pulp Cup Manufacturer talking about What kind of cup is suitable for use.

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After scientists' research, healthy adults need 1500ml-2000ml of water every day. Water is very important to us. The choice of cups is also an important thing. Many people will ignore them and feel the cups to choose from. One can do it, but what you don't know is that if the cup is chosen wrongly, long-term use will bring a time bomb to our health, but now the use of disposable paper cups brings a lot of convenience to our lives.

Unbleached Paper Pulp Cup

Disposable cups are the most convenient. In many cases, disposable cups appear, but there are many unqualified paper cups entering the market, which brings great health risks to many consumers. We are buying paper cups. When choosing a paper cup with QS certification, the price of Linyi custom advertising cup will be higher, but it will have more protection with our health.

The cups now have a lot of colors, but these inner walls have colorful cups, just like poisonous mushrooms. The more vivid the more toxic, the more toxic heavy metals contained in the inner wall color will dissolve when we pick up water or acidic drinks. When we drink, we will enter our bodies.

Because of the fast pace of life, many people like to drink some refreshing coffee and other drinks. Linyi advertising cup manufacturers remind everyone to pay attention not to use metal cups, because, in the acidic environment, some metals may react and dissolve. If you really like stainless steel quilts, it is recommended to choose 304 cups. 304 stainless steel is generally not harmful to our health.

When we choose the cup, we choose the ceramic cup with the colorless glaze on the inner wall. It is not only safe but also better able to cope with the high temperature of the water. It has a relatively good thermal insulation effect. I personally prefer glass because it looks the most. It is clean, has a smooth surface, is easy to clean, and is not prone to bacteria and dirt, and does not contain organic chemicals during the production process.

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