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Development Prospects of Environmentally-friendly Lunch Boxes

Feb. 13, 2020

Disposable lunch box manufacturers use agricultural waste to make lunch boxes and make them industrial raw materials. It is a comprehensive utilization of agricultural resources, which alleviates the problem of resource shortage to a certain extent, and adds value to agriculture. The lunch box is also an environmentally friendly product, which is more worthy of promotion. It is believed that it will have a broader development prospect.


At present, China is the only one in the world that can produce all kinds of biodegradable plastic environmentally-friendly meal boxes. The research on various varieties of products is also in the forefront of the world, and its production capacity has expanded rapidly in recent years. First, the cost of biodegradable plastics is relatively high. Although prices have fallen in recent years, except starch-based plastics, the average price of other biodegradable plastics is two to three times that of traditional plastics. Second, biodegradable plastics have poor performance. Except for polyester degradable plastics such as PBS and PBAT, most biodegradable plastics are not as good as traditional petroleum-based plastics, and require special processing equipment, further increasing the cost .


Although most of the disposable lunch boxes come from takeaway, this does not mean that these lunch boxes can only be used once. The disposable lunch box industry has undergone many changes. These lunch boxes now appear very safe and environmentally friendly, and can be directly heated using a microwave oven. These lunch boxes produced by disposable lunch box manufacturers will not release harmful substances during the heating process, and users can rest assured to use them.


Speaking of disposable lunch boxes, presumably friends will not be unfamiliar, after all, we will be more or less exposed to this kind of products in daily life. But do you know the vegetable fiber type lunch box? The plant fiber type lunch box, as the name suggests, its raw material is various plant fibers, such as straw, rice husk, bagasse, etc., such as the common Composable Sugrcane Bagasse Bowl. Disposable lunch box manufacturers extract plant fiber from these plants and use it as a raw material for making lunch boxes. In the production, they add molding agents, adhesives, water-resistant agents and other auxiliary agents. They are formed by a molding machine, and then dried, shaped and the subsequent steps, such as disinfection, have been made into vegetable fiber lunch boxes.


The manufacturing materials of environmentally-friendly meal boxes are non-toxic and harmless to humans, and there is no odor. No pollution will occur during the process of consumer manufacturing, use, and destruction. The price is relatively cheap. What are the advantages of environmentally-friendly meals? Environmentally-friendly tableware can be used again. Whether in the restaurant or at home, environmentally-friendly tableware such as Biodegradable Paper Cup 4oz are very safe and healthy tableware. The appearance of environmentally-friendly tableware is exquisite and diverse, which is unmatched by disposable plastic tableware.

Biodegradable Paper Cup

Biodegradable Paper Cup

The re-application rate of packaging residues can not only reduce the energy consumption of packaging materials, save the cost of establishing a combustion disposal site, but also reduce the environmental pollution of the packaging materials consumption process, which is a very effective measure for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and maintaining the environment. . Therefore, it is necessary to increase the forced recycling of traditional plastics. For disposable plastic packaging products with higher recycling costs, a 10% to 100% recycling tax will be levied. For non-recyclable disposable plastic packaging products, rules must use bio-based lunch boxes.


It is precisely because these lunch boxes can be heated that diners can use these lunch boxes multiple times. This can also reduce the waste of lunch boxes, indirectly save a lot of resources, and achieve the purpose of safety, environmental protection and energy saving. Biodegradable Bowl Supplier's heated odor-free and environmentally friendly lunch boxes are taking the market by storm. Have you not used them yet?

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