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How Is The Disposable Paper Cup Used?

Jun. 11, 2019

Here is Biodegradable Paper Cup Supplier talking about How Is The Disposable Paper Cup Used.

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When using disposable cups, it is best not to drink the first cup of water. First, boil it with boiling water. After four or five minutes, pour off the water and let the harmful substances in the cup fully evaporate. Because phosphors and inks are very permeable, they can contaminate food.

Biodegradable Paper Cup Supplier

Disposable paper cups or instant noodle trays should not be heated in a microwave oven.

Try not to install hot water in the paper cup, because some manufacturers on the paper cup will spray a thin layer of wax in order to prevent the water from penetrating. When it encounters more than 40 degrees of hot water, it will melt. Therefore, disposable cups are best used for cold drinks, not for hot water above 40 °C.

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