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Should The First Cup Of Water In A Disposable Paper Cup Be Drunk?

Aug. 27, 2019

Here is a professional Bagasse Pulp Cup Manufacturer who produces safe Bagasse Pulp Bowl talking about if we should drink the first cup of water in a disposable paper cup or not.

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Bagasse Pulp Bowl

I saw a microblog before: the inner wall of the disposable paper cup is often coated with a layer of wax. If the water temperature exceeds 40 ° C, the wax will dissolve, so the disposable paper cup is best to have a cold drink. Experts recommend not using the first cup of water when using disposable cups, and then draining the water after four or five minutes to allow harmful substances to evaporate. Subcooled or overheated water, alcoholic or acidic beverages are not suitable for use in disposable paper cups.

The following is the answer from the netizen:

1. There are many kinds of paper cups, please pay attention when purchasing.

There is indeed a similar description of the material, called the wax cup, but people are not prepared for hot drinks, and the wax is food grade, eat nothing.

The hot-drinking paper cup is a polyethylene film on the inner layer, which does not occur. Can drink normally.

As for the hazardous substances, the qualified paper cups will not be used according to the normal use. Unqualified paper cups should not be used as much as possible.

However, it should be noted that many disposable paper cups are not qualified for work, so be careful when purchasing. The distinguishing criteria are good workmanship, relatively expensive price, regular product source, and proper mark, such as model, scope of application, QS, date of manufacture, etc. If it is a street stall, try to be careful.

2. The inner surface of the waterproof paper cup is coated with polystyrene coating. The products produced by regular manufacturers are free of water.

3. The most common polyethylene coated cups on the market do not have wax that will melt. Cold drink hot drinks are not a problem. The waxed paper cup is a cold drink cup. It does cause the wax layer to melt because of the hot water, but the result is that the paper cup will seep. Hot water for four or five minutes can not remove the harmful substances. If it is a qualified paper cup, the first cup of water can drink, but if it is an unqualified paper cup, do not drink the first few glasses of water.

Give everyone a reference, look for regular manufacturers disposable paper cups!

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