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Common Questions And Answers About Disposable Paper Cups

Jul. 29, 2019

Here is Disposable Tray 5 Com Manufacturer talking about the common questions and answers about disposable paper cups.

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When people use disposable paper cups, it is often said that the surface of the disposable paper cup is wax and cannot be filled with hot water to prevent toxic. In fact, it is not a good waxing cup, the inner and outer surfaces of the waxing cup are coated with paraffin wax, and the paraffin can be scraped off under the light-scraping. It can only be used to hold cold drinks. The hot drinks will cause the paraffin to melt. The laminating cup loves a PE film on the inner wall, and the inner surface is smooth, which can be used for hot drinks, safe and hygienic. There are also some people's concerns, mainly as follows:

Q: Is it true that a disposable paper cup will release toxic substances when it encounters hot water?

PE film that meets the standard requirements will be decomposed and produced at temperatures above 200*C. The PE film on the inner wall of the laminating cup will not release toxic substances when it encounters hot water. Therefore, it is safe to drink hot water in the laminating cup. Moreover, environmentally-friendly ink printing is safe, but it is not excluded that some paper cups are printed using solvent-based inks, resulting in toxic solvents remaining and posing a safety hazard.

Q: Drinking with a one-time cup, it will dissolve into the ink, it is harmful to the body, is it true?

The inner wall of the paper cup is not printed, the liquid does not come into contact with the ink, and the standard requires that the paper cup does not decolor after being soaked in 65% ethanol, and the QS certified product is safe. The poor quality paper cup printing ink may be exposed to alcohol and then faded. Such products are harmful to the body.

It can be seen from the above that the laminating cup is in compliance with relevant standards, and the waxing cup cannot contain hot water or hot oil to avoid heating in the microwave oven. According to the standard, the fluorescent whitening agent cannot be added to the paper cup, and the printing ink should not contain the fluorescent whitening agent. So you can use it with confidence.

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