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Development Status Of Environmentally-friendly Lunch Boxes

Jan. 09, 2020

Biodegradable materials, environmentally-friendly tableware made of fully biodegradable materials, degradable garbage bags, disposable degradable cutlery, spoons, degradable films, rapid degradation in soil and natural environment, non-toxic, pollution-free, odorless It will destroy the soil structure and truly "beginning with nature, but also nature". It is a better substitute for plastic and paper packaging.

Biodegradable Paper Round Bowl

Biodegradable Paper Round Bowl

At present, China is generally applying and producing additives to degrade plastics. At the same time, it is also gradually developing towards fully biodegradable plastics, such as the Biodegradable Paper Round Bowl that appears on the market. Plastic degradation methods, the forms we currently know can be divided into biodegradable plastics, photodegradable plastics and environmentally degradable plastics.

(1) Photodegradable plastics This type of degradable plastics refers to polymeric resins with groups that are easily degraded by light. Such as ethylene / carbon monoxide copolymer (E / CO), carbon dioxide copolymer (also biodegradable) or adding a photosensitizer to the PE / PP general-purpose resin to constitute a photodegradable plastic.

(2) Biodegradable plastics refer to a class of plastics that cause degradation under the action or influence of microbial conditions in natural environments such as bacteria, molds (fungi) and algae.

(3) Hydrolytically degradable plastics This type of degradable plastics is water-soluble and biodegradable, such as polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl alcohol / starch-degradable plastics, etc.

(4) Environmentally degradable plastics are plastics that are exposed to natural environmental conditions and cause degradation due to a combination of conditions such as light, heat, water, oxygen, pollutants, microorganisms, insects, and wind, sand, rain, and mechanical forces. 

(5) Photodegradable plastic refers to a type of plastic that is degraded by sunlight in the natural environment.

Disposable pulp tableware is harmless to the human body. For example, the Unbleached Paper Pulp Cup, which is commonly used today, does not cause pollution to the environment during production, and the product quality fully meets national food hygiene requirements. Let the Biodegradable Bowl Supplier take you to know the characteristics of environmental tableware!

1, the texture is hard, not easy to deform, pressure resistance, can be used as a packaging box.

2, environmentally friendly tableware can be reused, whether it is restaurant or home use, environmentally friendly tableware is very safe and healthy tableware;

3, environmental protection tableware can withstand a high temperature of 110 ℃, and will not melt, will not produce any toxic and harmful substances, will not break in the temperature of minus 20 ℃;

4. The environmentally friendly tableware has a beautiful appearance and various styles, which cannot be compared with disposable tableware.

The above is the development status of the development of environmentally-friendly lunch boxes. I hope to help everyone.

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