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What Are The Characteristics Of Environmentally Friendly Paper Cups?

Sep. 16, 2019

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A paper cup is a paper container which is obtained by machining and bonding a base paper made of chemical wood pulp, and has a cup shape. It is characterized by safety, hygiene, lightness and convenience. It can be used in public places, restaurants and restaurants, and is a one-off item.

Biodegradable Paper Cup 4oz

Biodegradable Paper Cup 4oz

Disposable paper cups are paper cups that are easy to carry and use at a low price. They are thrown away when used, and are common drinking tools in many homes and public places. With the accelerated pace of people's living efficiency, the use of disposable paper cups in life is becoming more and more common.

Its use period is short and the amount is large. A survey shows that the amount of paper cups in China is about 20 billion in 2012. It has become a one-time wood consumer goods that is used in China after the disposable chopsticks. In principle, the material of the paper cup should be healthy on the base paper, but this will inevitably waste resources and cause damage to the environment.

How to solve the problems faced by the current disposable paper cups and carry out innovative design, which needs to overcome the inertia of the past, rethink and reposition the "one-off", and extend and expand the one-off functions. This is necessary to go back to the origin of the design and explore the nature of the product's functionality in a simple, environmentally friendly way.

The features of environmentally friendly paper cup shared by Eco 6 Inch Square Plate Supplier:

1. Light weight and damage prevention. Compared to glass bottles, the paper cups are lightweight and there is no risk of breakage.

2. Low cost. Light weight can save on circulation costs.

3. The appearance is good. Printing and decoration are easy to implement, the promotion effect is good, and it can be promoted.

4. Can be combined with a variety of materials to improve protection. It is compounded with aluminum foil, plastic and other materials to prevent deterioration of the contents.

5. The shading performance is good, and the color, fragrance and taste of the contents can be well maintained.

The buying tips of Paper cup:

First, check whether the packaging is in good condition when purchasing disposable paper cups;

Second, if the purchased paper cup is found to be silvery white under fluorescent light, it means that too much phosphor is added, which is harmful to the body;

Third, the disposable paper cup after the package is opened should be placed in a dry and clean place.

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