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Expired Disposable Paper Cups Are Definitely Not Available!

Jul. 12, 2019

Here is a factory who sells Disposable White Cup 7oz talking about disposable paper cups. If you have any idea about it, you can share your idea with us.

Disposable White Cup 7oz

Disposable White Cup 7oz

Friends who often use disposable paper cups should pay attention to it. These disposable paper cups have a shelf life. The disposable paper cup manufacturers remind you that you should never use expired disposable paper cups!

Disposable paper cups are made from paper materials. In order to prevent leakage, many manufacturers will also apply edible wax or glue coated paper on the inner wall of the paper cup to prevent liquid leakage. However, the disposable paper cups custom manufacturers remind you that the waxed paper cup can hold the liquid temperature can not exceed 40 ° C, otherwise the edible wax will enter the human body with the liquid, endangering human health.

In addition to paying attention to the temperature of the paper cup, the disposable paper cup manufacturers also remind you not to use expired paper cups. Disposable paper cups have a shelf life. Paper cups that have passed the shelf life will produce a lot of bacteria, which will seriously affect human health and even yellowing. We use disposable paper cups for convenience, but we cannot ignore health problems. Remember, expired disposable paper cups must not be used!

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