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How To Choose Disposable Tableware In Life?

Oct. 17, 2019

Disposable tableware is very common in our daily life. Most restaurants use disposable chopsticks, etc., which is convenient and quick, saves manpower and washes, and is convenient for people to live. What are the benefits of specific disposable meals? Biodegradable Bowl Supplier can be sorted out for everyone.

1. Hygiene: Dishes in the fast food restaurant are disposable and hygienic.

2, recyclability: most disposable items can be recycled, such as: paper, plastic.

3, disposable tableware is most conducive to hygiene, this is a good choice for some restaurants that are not well-skilled.

4. Misunderstanding: About 90% of people think that disposable products will greatly pollute the environment. This is not the case. Proper use of disposable products does not cause excessive pollution to the environment.

5, no saving is more harmful than the use of disposable supplies. Disposable tableware is convenient, hygienic, reliable, does not cause secondary pollution, and has low cost and avoids cross-contagion. It is convenient and convenient, saving time! Suitable for busy people, such as going to work, to avoid the spread of some diseases.

So after you understand the benefits of disposable tableware, how do we choose the disposable tableware that suits us?

Many people like to use disposable tableware when dining outside, think it is convenient and hygienic, and don't need to clean it after use. However, this choice can lead to health and environmental issues. Frequent use of inferior disposable tableware is an obvious health hazard to the human body. Inferior products can be bought for a few cents because of their low price, so they are welcomed by some small hotels. Experts remind, better not to use. Its raw materials do not rule out the possibility of recycling industrial plastics or even waste plastics. How to distinguish can follow three steps: first look at the information on the production bag, production date, shelf life, production license and serial number, whether it is from a regular manufacturer; then identify the color, try not to buy colorful, try to pay attention to the deep color If there is an odor, the explanation is definitely a problem.

In fact, in daily life, if the product used is transparent and transparent, it can be used with confidence, because basically it is processed by polypropylene raw materials and polystyrene raw materials at one time, without adding any additives and additives in the process; if it is milky white, Please do not use, because the process of adding masterbatch raw materials or toner to reduce costs, when choosing a paper cup, you can choose Unbleached Paper Pulp Cup, which avoids adding various unhealthy additives during the production process.

Unbleached Paper Pulp Cup

Unbleached Paper Pulp Cup

The country has introduced new regulations on food safety almost every year, showing the confidence to maintain the health and safety of the people and strict requirements on the production of materials. The food grade PS material used in disposable crystal tableware is a hard plastic. Although it is harmless to the human body, it is not easily degraded if discarded. If you use a large number of disposable crystal tableware at a time, you will not be able to regulate the treatment of the natural environment, and it will be too wasteful for China with diligence and saving virtues to be discarded once. This is indeed the case, because this raw material is widely used in industry and can be recycled after use. It can be used as a recycled material to produce home appliance industrial products and reduce the impact on the environment.

Many friends will also worry about whether the tableware will be washed up and reused after the tableware is used. It is not as hygienic as disinfecting tableware. We can directly check the presence or absence of impurities and stains, fingerprints and scratches to determine the quality of the product and whether it can be used twice. In addition, in order to avoid waste of disposable tableware and pollute the environment, the fast food industry or the takeaway industry can also choose Biodegradable Sugarcane Fast Food Package in daily life, which is convenient for both themselves and the environment.

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