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How To Identify Inferior Disposable Tableware?

Oct. 25, 2019

Environmental protection has become an issue that people in today's society are paying more and more attention to. Everyone must have no disposable foam lunch boxes and chopsticks when they go out to eat. Although it is easy to use, these tableware will pollute the environment. Environmentally friendly, disposable snack boxes have been upgraded to environmentally friendly snack boxes, so what are the advantages of these environmentally friendly tableware? Biodegradable Bowl Supplier will come to tell you.

Tableware is a must-have item for our daily lives. In the ordinary family life, the tableware can be recycled, but when going out to eat, it encounters the problem of packing. The tableware used is often disposable, but the disposable tableware brings us a lot of harm. Disposable foam tableware is used to decompose toxins when the temperature exceeds 65 °C, and people may suffer damage when eating foods with toxins.

Round White Disposable Dinner Plates

Round White Disposable Dinner Plates

The disposable green tableware is made of non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and has no odor. It will not cause pollution during the manufacturing, use and destruction process. The price is relatively cheap. Re-use, whether it is a restaurant or home use, such as the use of Round White Disposable Dinner Plates, environmentally friendly tableware are very safe and healthy tableware; environmentally friendly tableware has a beautiful appearance, diverse styles, is a disposable tableware can not be compared; The environmentally-friendly tableware can withstand a high temperature of 110°C, and will not melt, nor will it produce any toxic or harmful substances, and will not break at a temperature of minus 20°C; the texture is hard, not easily deformed, and withstand pressure, and can be used as a packaging box.

So disposable green tableware has so many advantages that we can use it in daily life, so how to identify inferior disposable tableware when purchasing disposable tableware.

It is understood that disposable lunch boxes should be made of high-purity polypropylene plastic. This is a translucent round particle like rice. It is highly flexible and resistant to high temperatures. It is immersed in n-hexane and acetic acid solution and does not react chemically. The inferior disposable lunch box smells pungent; it breaks when it is gently peeled off; it will appear white wax mark when it is folded; it will sink easily after being torn into water; it will deform when it is heated, and there will be oil seepage and water seepage. . Inferior disposable chopsticks have a shelf life of up to 4 months and may be infected with bacteria after expiration. When we use it, we can smell the smell of chopsticks. If there is a smell of sulfuric acid, it is best not to use it. In addition, cleaning the surface of the chopsticks with cool water can reduce residual sulfur dioxide. Water bag is used to put the plastic bag into the water. When the non-toxic plastic bag is put into the water, it can rise to the surface; while the toxic plastic bag does not float upward. Hand touch detection method, touch the plastic bag by hand, it is non-toxic if it is lubricated; otherwise it is toxic. For the jitter detection method, grasp the end of the plastic bag with your hand and mix it vigorously. The person who emits the crisp sound is non-toxic; otherwise, it is poisonous. Fire detection method, you can cut the plastic bag to one side, burn with fire, toxic and not easy to burn; non-toxic fire easily burns. Qualified disposable tableware, or choose disposable crystal tableware. This disposable disposable crystal tableware was previously used on airplanes. It was later widely used in the food and beverage industry. This disposable crystal tableware is made of PS food material and is injection molded at one time in a high temperature injection molding machine. The tableware is crystal clear and very healthy and has passed the national QS certification.

The above is about how to identify inferior disposable tableware, I hope to help everyone. If you are interested in disposable tableware, you can contact us. We are an environmentally-friendly tableware manufacturer that includes Disposable Round Bowl and will not let you down.

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