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Do You Know Disposable Cups?

May. 20, 2019

Here is Biodegradable Paper Cup Supplier talking about Do you know disposable cups.

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Paper container common question 1: Can you microwave?

Biodegradable Paper Cup Supplier

The paper container is resistant to heat, can it be microwaved? If the beverage requires microwave, the liquid in the paper cup must be filled to 8 to 9 minutes to avoid empty burning of the paper cup. Depending on the material of the coating, some paper cups can withstand temperatures up to 95 °C. However, it is generally recommended to the only microwave to warm, about 70 ° C or less is appropriate, to avoid heating to the high temperature of the entrance.

Common questions about paper containers 2: Paper containers are not environmentally friendly?

The government has recently advocated the use of environmentally friendly materials and reusable food containers for environmental protection requirements and has gradually reduced the scope of disposable tableware. However, can it be environmentally friendly if it is forbidden to use disposable tableware? The reduction is, of course, an important part of environmental protection measures, but for the food and beverage industry and consumers, the convenience of disposable paper containers is difficult to be replaced by other forms. In addition to disabling, is there any other way to make environmental benefits even better?

Paper containers require better recycling of pipes. In foreign countries, there is a more detailed classification of paper containers, and consumers can clearly distinguish the classification of paper containers they have used in recycling. In China, paper cups and cartons are often recycled as paper, but in fact, the process of recycling waste paper containers is different from that of general paper recycling. Consumers are not clear about the differences, which makes recycling impossible.

Even if the manufacturer produces a PLA paper cup with decomposable materials, consumers and the industry will recycle the PLA paper cup together with the general PE paper cup, and lose the meaning of using the PLA material to be "decomposable". If you can promote the container with a clear material label, it is helpful for recycling classification, but also have the correct recycling pipeline.

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