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Understand The Process Of Making Paper Cups

May. 14, 2019

Here is Bagasse 17s 2s Tray Supplier talking about Understand the process of making paper cups. 

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The paper container is made of food paper and is completed by printing, cutting, forming and other steps, in which the drenched paper container is included. There is a very thin layer of plastic (PE or PE mixed PP) or renewable material (PLA), a different film of paper containers in recycling, the process is actually different, so the correct classification is very important for environmental protection. 

Fast food is very popular, but most people do not pay attention to the paper cups, cartons and other "paper containers" that allow fast food to be provided to customers in a fast, convenient and clean way. Many people are still quite unfamiliar with the making of paper containers. Paper containers are basically made of food paper as raw materials, after printing, cutting and molding, in which the production of paper cups, more need to go through the steps of film, to achieve the effect of waterproofing and oil prevention. By understanding the process of making paper cups, we will learn about the safety of paper containers and how to use them correctly to make them more friendly to the earth. 

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1. Steps to make paper cups strong and beautiful: film and printing. 

The film is attached to the paper with a thin layer of plastic material, so that the paper cup can be oil-resistant, water-resistant, can hold drinks and soup food for a long time, and the selection of this layer of film material is also related to the characteristics of the subsequent paper cup. 

After the film treatment, the desired patterns and colors will be printed on the paper roll. The way of printing can be divided into gravure plate, convex plate and flat plate. The cost of gravure is so high that it is now rarely used; convex plate printing is printed continuously on paper rolls, which requires a large amount of printing. Lithography cuts the paper into pieces and then prints it, which is suitable for the manufacture of small quantities of products. After the ink is finished, it will be printed with a layer of water light treatment as protection. 

2. Take shape in an instant! The birth of paper cups. 

The printed paper enters the knife mold to produce a fan-shaped piece of paper, that is, the unfolding shape of the cup wall. This piece of fan-shaped paper is collected and sent to the molding machine, and the paper is then rolled out of the cup mold into the shape of a paper cup. At the same time, the mold provides heat at the seams of the paper, allowing the PE to be hot and bonded to each other, and the bottom of the paper cup is then attached. Then the mold pushes the cup mouth, let the cup mouth under the paper roll and heat fixed, formed the cup edge of the paper cup. These molding steps can be completed in a second. 

The finished paper cup is then sent to the testing machine to confirm that the shape is complete and undamaged, and the internal surface is clean and unstained. The finished paper cup is checked and entered the packaging procedure, waiting for shipment.

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