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Why Is The Paper Cup Leaking Wine But Not Leaking Water?

Aug. 30, 2019

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You may find that when you drink while eating, the cup will slowly seep out of the water, but why is the paper cup leaking and leaking?

For the question of why the paper cup does not leak water and leak, I specifically consulted the relevant people, they gave such an answer.

Major material issues. As long as the molecular spacing of the material is greater than the water molecule, the water will not leak! It is the same as the raincoat does not leak! The inner wall of the paper that produces the paper cup is covered with a thin film, precisely because this film prevents leakage. The function of producing paper cup paper is special paper: laminating paper, and alcohol is a separating agent for paper and film. When the paper cup holds alcohol for a long time, it will slowly infiltrate between the paper and the film, causing the wine to seep, but the beer The alcohol content is relatively low, so the penetration phenomenon is much slower than the liquor, so the phenomenon of drinking beer and drinking wine in paper cups is not very obvious. There is no problem in paper cup drinking and non-alcoholic beverages. If it is still seeping water, it is a problem of paper cup quality. 

Do you have an answer to the question of whether the paper cup is leaking or leaking? So say the glass. When drinking a high-alcoholic wine like white wine, choose a glass.

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