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Does The Advertising Cup Paper Cup Have A Shelf Life?

Jun. 01, 2019

Nowadays, the production date and shelf life are printed on the advertising cups and papers sold in general supermarkets. The shelf life of different paper cups is also different. Some paper cups have a shelf life of up to 5 years. The quality of Biodegradable Paper Cup 4oz on the market is uneven, and most households are not properly preserved, making the cups susceptible to moisture and mildew, causing the growth of bacteria and fungi. If used at this time, it will cause certain harm to the human body and easily cause respiratory tracts. 

When consumers drink water on weekdays, it is best to use household cups and use disposable paper cups. When you go out to play, try to bring your own portable water bottle, which is convenient for drinking water, peace of mind, and environmental protection.

Biodegradable Paper Cup Supplier

But users and friends, do you know how to buy qualified paper cups? Today, the Biodegradable Paper Cup Supplier came to learn about it!

First of all, look at the information marked on the package is complete, there is no production license number and QS logo. Secondly, the printed pattern on the outside of the paper cup has a clear outline, uniform color, and no obvious stain. The cup of the qualified paper cup should not have a printed pattern within 15 mm from the cup and 10 mm from the bottom of the cup. Finally, pay attention to the production date and shelf life.

Gently squeeze on both sides of the paper cup to get a rough idea of how good the cup is. Generally, high-quality paper cups can hold water for 72 hours without leakage, and poor quality will leak water for half an hour.

I smell the paper cup with a pungent smell, especially the smell of the ink or the mildewy taste. Generally, do not buy it if the smell is heavy.

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