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What Is The Use Of Paper Cups In Life?

Sep. 11, 2019

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Disposable White Cup 7OZ

Disposable White Cup 7OZ

Disposable paper cup customization has become a common item in our lives, and it has become one of the economic, affordable and easy-to-operate advertising media. So what is it used for? Biodegradable Paper Cup Supplier would like to tell you.

1. Beverage packaging

The production process of the cold drink paper cup: direct printing, die cutting, processing and forming, and spraying the edible wax on the surface of the paper cup base paper.

The production process of the hot drink paper cup: the paper cup base paper is formed into paper cup paper by printing, die cutting and processing.

The function of the paper cup is to serve drinks, such as carbonated drinks, coffee, milk, cold drinks, etc., which is its basic purpose.

The paper cup can be divided into two types: cold drink cup and hot drink cup. Cold drink cups are used to hold cold drinks, such as carbonated drinks, iced coffee, etc.; hot drink cups are used to hold hot drinks, such as coffee, black tea, etc. Different from the cold drink cup, a special polyethylene film is adhered to the surface of the hot drink cup, which is not only heat-resistant, but also non-toxic and harmless under the immersion of high-temperature beverage.

2. The use of paper cups in advertising

Advertisers or vendors also use paper cups as an advertising medium. The design of the pattern on the cup can give people a different drinking mood, but also a "symbol" to promote a certain product.

Because the product's trademark, name, manufacturer, distributor, etc., can be designed on the surface of the paper cup. When people drink beverages, they can get to know and understand the products from this information. Paper cups provide a platform for people to understand these new products.

The paper cup belongs to the video packaging material and directly contacts the population. The paper cup base paper and paper cup paper should be sent to the local national health and epidemic prevention system for safety inspection in order to ensure the safety of the user.

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