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Why do People Use Paper Pulp Tableware?

Jun. 26, 2019

Paper pulp tableware, such as Paper Pulp Tableare Lunch Box, Paper Pulp Tableare Salad Bowl etc., are all new disposable tableware. Most of them are heated by natural non-polluting and renewable raw materials in nature, which are highly degradable and are environmentally friendly tableware.Of course, not all manufacturers use environmentally friendly raw materials. As far as we know, the raw materials for pulp tableware are now divided into wood pulp, sugar cane pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, etc., of which grass pulp is not an environmentally friendly raw material.

Paper Pulp Tableare Salad Bowl

Paper Pulp Tableare Salad Bowl

Why do people use paper pulp tableware?

Summarized into four parts: environmental protection, health, fashion, and value.

①Environmental protection: because the raw materials of pulp tableware are renewable and non-polluting raw materials in nature, such products have high degradability and their decomposition products will not cause damage to the environment.

②Health: we all know that the disposable plastic tableware itself has problems. It is made of polystyrene polymer material extracted from petroleum and processed with foaming agent. It will produce toxic and harmful gases and carcinogens when it is hot. It is easy to cause human disease, but the pulp tableware is different. The natural raw materials are heated and no additives are added. The product contains natural plant aroma.

③Fashion: pulp tableware is roughly divided into two colors according to different raw materials: brown, white. The brown appearance is stylish and generous, white and pure and pollution-free. And its variety of product styles can meet the needs of daily life.

④Value: pulp and tableware take the high-end route, follow the fashion trend

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