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Why Is The Bagasse Tableware Product Market Growing Fast?

Dec. 12, 2019

Overview of the global bagasse tableware product market: Bagasse is the latest development of production materials for tableware products. Bagasse consists of renewable sugar cane pulp. These products are rugged and versatile. Bagasse pulp process is similar to other pulp production. It can be obtained from plants used to make paper after molding, pulping and drying parts. Bagasse cutlery products are then sterilized and trimmed before packaging. Bagasse tableware products can handle a variety of hot and cold foods and are suitable for placing in a microwave oven. Bagasse tableware products are waterproof and greaseproof. Compared with other raw materials such as polyester, bagasse tableware products look better.

Global bagasse tableware product market dynamics: Consumer awareness of biodegradable products such as Biodegradable Paper Round Bowl is one of the main factors driving the development of bagasse tableware products worldwide. The sturdy design, easy to clean and shiny appearance is also upgrading the bagasse tableware product market compared to alternatives such as cardboard. Recyclability and light weight are other factors driving the market. Bagasse tableware products are stronger than plastic plates, making the market more attractive. As bagasse tableware products offer more profit margins, this makes them more preferred than cardboard that drives the market. However, bagasse tableware products are more expensive than plastic plates. As various food chains expand and more and more restaurants and cafes, the Asia Pacific market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR.

Biodegradable Sugarcane Fast Food Package

Biodegradable Sugarcane Fast Food Package

Global Bagasse Tableware Product Market Segmentation: According to product types, global bagasse tableware products can be divided into: bagasse trays, bagasse bowls and cups, bagasse meal boxes, bagasse trays, and bagasse lids; on the basis of size, worldwide Bagasse cutlery products can be segmented into: plates (7-inch plates, 9-inch mini plates, 11-inch plates), bowls (180 ml bowls, 250 ml bowls), trays (4 compartment trays, 5 compartments) trays ), Lid (500 ml lid, 750 ml lid), container (500 ml container, 750 ml container); In addition, there is Biodegradable Sugarcane Fast Food Package. Based on the application, the global bagasse tableware product market can be divided into: households, Restaurants, schools, other.

Regional outlook of the global bagasse tableware product market: From a geographical point of view, the global bagasse tableware product market can be segmented according to North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, MEA, APEJ and Japan. The compound annual growth rate in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow the fastest, because Europe's leading plastics are used strictly, and consumers' awareness of biodegradation is increasing, which will promote the development of the bagasse tableware product market. Asia Pacific and North America occupy an important market share in the bagasse tableware product market, followed by Europe.

As a Biodegradable Bowl Supplier in the pulp molding industry, we use our own research and development equipment to produce pulp molded products in the feasible field. Bagasse can be used instead of plastic as a raw material for disposable tableware. At the same time, the environmental protection tableware supplier technology should continue to innovate, develop and produce high-quality equipment to help customers improve production efficiency, energy saving energy, and create higher efficiency.

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