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How Is The Development Prospect Of The Biodegradable Materials Industry?

Oct. 09, 2019

With the increasing environmental pollution and people's concerns about environmental degradation, various environmental concerns have been promoted. How to solve the pollution of white garbage is put on the agenda. An effective way to solve "white pollution" is to use biodegradable materials and encourage them to use biodegradable materials in developed countries such as the European Union. For example, Italy stipulates that disposable plastic bags must use degradable plastics, while countries such as Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands have formulated tax incentives to encourage the application of biodegradable plastics. Recently, it is reported that the EU intends to completely ban the use of traditional plastic bags throughout the EU, and increase the promotion of biodegradable packaging products, which will undoubtedly bring new development opportunities for the development of biodegradable plastics, thereby promoting biodegradable plastics. The industry is growing rapidly. So what is biodegradable material? As a Biodegradable Paper Cup Supplier, we can give you a popular science. Biodegradation refers to the fact that the material is continuously discharged from the body during the process of tissue growth by dissolution, enzymatic hydrolysis, cell phagocytosis, etc., and the repaired tissue completely replaces the position of the implant material, and the material does not have residual in the body. nature. Why do most countries now advocate the use of biodegradable materials to make a variety of lunch boxes, paper cups, plastic bags, etc? What are the benefits of biodegradable materials?

Biodegradable Paper Round Bowl

Biodegradable Paper Round Bowl

Based on the Biodegradable Paper Round Bowl that our company produces and sells, we give the following explanation: Biodegradable materials are not derived from petroleum and are extracted from living things. At the same time, it will reduce environmental pollution. After decomposing, it can be decomposed by itself. The most important thing is to comply with the current trend of global environmental protection products to meet the needs of customers and consumers.

White pollution refers to environmental pollution caused by random disposal of agricultural film, plastic film for packaging, plastic bags and disposable plastic tableware. White pollution can cause long-term serious ecological problems. For example, waste agricultural film mixed in the soil can cause soil compaction, affecting the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, which will lead to crop yield reduction; waste plastic packaging is randomly discarded in the wild environment and may be swallowed by animals as food, leading to animal death. . The feasible way to solve the white pollution is to use biodegradable plastic bags, which can be degraded by bacteria, mold, algae and other microorganisms in a certain external environment for a certain period of time.

The current use of biodegradable plastics is difficult to promote in the world, and there is still a lack of strong policies and laws and regulations. In terms of specific implementation, there is currently no specific support policy for the industry. The support policy is not in place, which has delayed the domestic biodegradable plastics market. Most of the biodegradable materials in the enterprise are mainly exported, and the market has been unfavorable to the continued health of the industry. development of. However, this phenomenon is expected to change. With the advancement of production technology and the scale effect, the production cost of biodegradable plastic bags may decline moderately in the next few years, and the lowest price may fall to the same level as traditional plastics, thus promoting The extent of application of biodegradable materials.

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