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Tips For Dishwashing

Dec. 26, 2019

Three meals are essential for us. It is impossible to eat outside, but cooking at home will inevitably have a lot of greasy stains and it will be very difficult to clean. Sometimes, I have cleaned it many times, but I still feel unclean, but no matter how I wash it, it still looks like that. In fact, there is no need to worry about it at all. There is a knack for washing tableware. After learning, you will be much more comfortable. Fall in love with the kitchen and start with cleaning. The following Biodegradable Bowl Supplier will tell you a few tips for tableware cleaning, I hope to help everyone.

1. The greasy dirt in the wok is the hardest to clean, because these greasy dirt have been burnt at high temperature. If you want to clean them, you don't have to work too hard, just throw the fresh pear skin in the pan and get angry Just cook it.

2. After the grease in the iron pan is brushed by the steel wire ball, the steel wire ball will be very dirty. If you use it to clean other tableware, it will inevitably be counterproductive. At this time, you can lightly burn the steel wire ball on the fire. After it cools down, shake off the ashes on it and you can use it again.

3. For small cookers such as tea cups and saucers, dirt may accumulate over time. Due to the small size, it is not easy to clean. You can pour a little salt, vinegar or residual tea in it to scrub. If you find it troublesome, you can choose a disposable one such as the Unbleached Paper Pulp Cup, which is both sanitary and environmentally friendly and saves time.

Unbleached Paper Pulp Cup

Unbleached Paper Pulp Cup

4. The iron pot is good for human health, but the iron pot that has just been bought often shows a lot of rust and looks very uncomfortable. If you want to remove the rust on it, you can add water and heat it for about ten minutes. After cooling, brushing is sufficient.

5. Some used utensils such as milk, batter or eggs are not easy to clean. You can soak them in cold water for a while and then wash them with hot water.

6. On the chopping board, there may be ambiguity after cooking, which is unpleasant. You can put it in rice water, wipe it back and forth with salt, and use hot water when rinsing.

7. Aluminum pans are likely to be burnt if you do not pay attention to them. It is difficult to see. If you want to remove the burnt areas, you cannot use a wire brush to brush them hard. Put into pieces in an aluminum pan and cook for a while.

8. If there are old scales on the enamel appliances, you can choose to clean them with toothpaste, which will be very labor-saving.

The above are several methods about cleaning kitchenware introduced by the supplier of Biodegradable Sugarcane Fast Food Package. Have you learned?

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