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Teach You Cook-walnut Kernel Dried Shrimps

Apr. 22, 2019

Here is 6 Inch Hamburger Box Supplier talking about Walnut kernel dried shrimps.

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“Like simple and nutritious food, fried rice is a quick meal for family and I like. Today, fried rice made with walnuts and dried shrimps, walnuts are rich in protein and many essential amino acids, which can promote neurotransmitters and nerve cells in the brain. Synthetic, can improve brain vitality and promote memory. Walnut kernel contains a lot of mineral elements such as calcium, iron, and phosphorus. It is often used to prevent aging, black hair and prevent hair from whitening and falling off prematurely."

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Rice 1 bowl of eggs 1 walnut kernel 30 grams of shrimp dried 6 green beans 30 grams of small shallots 2 carrots 40 grams

Accessories peanut oil 20 grams of pepper powder 1 chicken essence 0.5 grams of salt

1. First prepare all the ingredients.

2. Shrimp dry in warm water to soak in advance.

3. Use a knife to cut the carrot into small flowers, cut the green pepper into small dices, chop the onion, and cut the chives into pieces.

4. Pour 10 grams of peanut oil into the pot and heat it. After the eggs are broken, pour them into the pan and fry them.

5. Pour the remaining 10 grams of peanut oil into the pot and heat it.

6. Add the soft dried shrimp and continue to stir fry for a while.

7. Add green beans and continue to fry until the green beans are discolored.

8. Add carrots and continue to stir well.

9. Add pepper powder at this time to increase the taste.

10. According to your taste, add the right amount of salt to taste.

11. Finally add chicken seasoning.

12. The fire continues to stir until all the ingredients are cooked.

13. After the rice is broken, stir fry for a while.

14. Add green pepper diced.

15. Add fried eggs.

16. Turn off the fire and turn off the fire.

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