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Do You Know Which Packing Boxes Can Enter The Microwave Oven?

Nov. 21, 2019

Eating out, eating out or ordering more is a common occurrence. It’s a pity to waste food. If you can’t finish your meal, you can pack it and go. In the era of the whole people's take-away, there is also a packing box that is intimately in contact with food. Are these disposable lunch boxes really safe? Can I enter the microwave oven? Today, the Disposable Round Bowl supplier will come to talk to you about the "package box".

Disposable Round Bowl

Disposable Round Bowl

Which kind of packing box and lunch box do you use? Start with the most common plastic packaging boxes on the market. At present, the packaging box has a PP lunch box, a photo-degradable PP lunch box, a pulp molded lunch box, a paper lunch box, and a Biodegradable Sugarcane Fast Food Package. Take a closer look at the plastic lunch box, at the lid or bottom, you will Found a numbered sign. What is the meaning of this number? The numbers we see on plastics are actually used for plastic recycling. Different codes represent the identity code of the resin. The numbers 1 through 6 represent six specific plastics, respectively, and are written in a triangle (usually composed of three connected arrows), marked at the bottom of the bottle. 7 represents other plastic or mixed plastic. This number is not intended to provide people with safety guidance or their intended use. Therefore, the applicability cannot be judged by numbers.

So can the lunch box enter the microwave oven?

It is safe to pack food, but it does not mean that it is safe to heat. Of these plastic packaging boxes, only "5" plastic polypropylene (PP) can enter the microwave oven. Polypropylene (PP) is relatively heat-resistant and can withstand high temperatures of around 200°C. Therefore, it can be heated by microwaves and repeated heating does not cause any major problems. The heat resistance of other plastics is much worse. It is best not to heat directly, or to put too hot food, of course, can not be used repeatedly.

The heat resistance of the PS lunch box can fully meet the requirements. In addition, compared with the current PP on the market, there are paper lunch boxes, etc., because it has better heat insulation, so it has a heat preservation effect on the packaged food. However, it does not allow microwave heating compared to PP lunch boxes, which is probably the only performance that is not comparable to a PP lunch box.

Is the paper packing box safe?

Nowadays, paper packaging boxes are also popular, such as pizza, burgers and other foods, and Unbleached Paper Pulp Cup are often used in some foreign restaurants. Some consumers have suggested that the inside of the paper lunch box is slippery, is it waxed? In fact, this layer of slippery is a layer of plastic film called "polyethylene coating." It is a safe substance. The rational use of packaging containers is the key point. Any good packaging container, if it is used unreasonably or even destructively, will not be able to protect food or even be harmful.

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